You can count on our team for below strength:
- Timely competitive rates
- Technical support
- Accurate document
- Timely delivery
- Timely status of delivery
- Assured quality
- Prompt & accurate reply to all accounting query.
Sandeep Steels team is aligned to create value for customer.
We as a team believe in fulfilling core vision of organization which is ôRealizing visions by partnering with people to provide exceptional value in product and services".
We are here not only to supply material but we are also here to stand as partner to realize vision of all people who are directly or indirectly attached to us. Those are:
- Sandeep Steels team
- Our customers
- Our service providers (brokers, Octroi agents, transporters, loading unloading agencies,   warehousing agencies, testing agency.)
- Bankers, financers & financial institutions
- Our competitors
- Manufacturers
Sandeep Steels consist of 5 major departments who stand here to serve you on time.
- Business Department
- Logistics Department
- Controlling Department
- Accounts Department
- HR Department
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