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HR Sheet
We sale HR sheet of Sail, Essar, ISPAT, Lloyd, Jindal, & Imported.
We sale HR sheet thickness of 1.4mm to 4mm & width 80mm to 1800mm depend on availability. We also provide slit coil as per your width requirement from as low as 25mm to as high as maximum upto 1500mm.
HR Sheets are Hot Rolled Sheets cut from hot-rolled coil of thickness starting from 1.2mm to 4mm (above 4mm it is called as Plates).
Sheets are generally represented by thickness of sheet. For e.g. 2mm sheet means, Thickness of sheet = 2mm.
HR Sheet is Black in color either available in Coil-form or Bundle-form.
Following are the various sizes of HR Sheets in terms of Thickness:-
As per British Standards thickness used to be represented by Gauge (G).
1.2mm 18G
1.6mm 16G
1.8mm 15G
2.0mm 14G
2.5mm 12G
3.0-3.5mm 2410G
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